2018 Midterms Prediction Pool

The rules:

  • Free to enter. Open to all
  • Venmo @adam–hoyt $25 to be eligible for $. That’s adam(dash dash)hoyt.  Do it before you forget.
  • Payouts according to Poker Structure.
  • Submissions must be received by midnight Monday PST.
  • Raw data will be published by 9am election day for transparency.
  • Will do live updates of results if I can. Bookmark this page or include your email when asked.
  • Please note your public bracket name in Venmo payment. Email use the Contact  form if you have questions.
  • What about the cash app?  Yeah, maybe.
  • Scoring decisions will be finalized using predictit.com rules when possible.  Recounts are possible.  People in contention will be notified.
  • the pool consists of about 8 governer races, 10 senate, a few more house races and some other things.  Aproximately 5 minutes to fill out.